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Lugares donde nacer

Algunos días quisiera haber nacido en Siberia, otros en Nueva Zelanda, el otro día pensé que mejor en Suiza, hará cosa de un mes le daba vueltas a Islandia, y hace dos a Marruecos; un años atrás solo pensaba en… continue reading »

What would happen

Lately, I ask myself more and more often, what would happen to my soul if I could spend three months of my life just wandering in search of photos.

Who do we take the pictures for?

Lately, I cannot help it but to think that, in this hyper connected world, we are loosing the target, the goal, the reasons for what we do. Think about this… Who do we, photographers, take the pictures for? Is it… continue reading »

The almost impossibles

There are things in life that one sees so far away that hardly ever believes they could happen. For me, only four years ago, the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography by the London College of Communication felt like that:… continue reading »

The Kenyan landscape: a letter to Julian

 ‘“If I ever write something about this all, it will only be descriptions of landscapes  until I get to know some truth about it.” It was a good way to escape the bitter realities.’ (Reverte, J. (1996) El sueño de… continue reading »

Who you are

‘My friend Ernesto Bazan and I were having lunch a couple of weeks ago and he asked me what my last book was about. I said, me of course. He laughed knowing exactly what I meant.’ David Carol’s Facebook; 16 August… continue reading »

On our relationship with death

We all die and yet death is something that always take us by surprise. We never seem to be ready to deal with someone’s death perhaps because, being sort of a taboo topic, we hardly ever talk about it. But,… continue reading »

Physical vs emotional distance

I have recently found myself trying hard to use the 50 mm lens to take street portraits (I usually only carry the 50 and 28 mm lenses with me). It turns out that in every single attempt I have have… continue reading »


I am sad. Yesterday, while walking around the market of the City of Granada in Nicaragua, my mind was unconsciously looking for a man I had photographed in that same place two years ago. I never knew his name or… continue reading »

The night Paper Today saw the light

When last January I started taking photos at the print-room, I never for a second imagined that this project would take me to such a beautiful end. I love photography and I love written words and, one of my dreams… continue reading »

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