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Vidas ajenas

Casi cada noche, desde la atalaya de mi escritorio, escucho fragmentos de vidas ajenas. Los borrachos hablan muy alto. No les presto demasiada atención, pero luego siempre me pregunto si no estaré desperdiciando argumentos para esa novela que nunca escribiré.… continue reading »

Alrededores en Semana Santa


Easter time

Easter in Spain is a very visual time of the year. For that reason, many of us who like to go out in the hunt for photos, usually have really high expectations on capturing “the photo”. As for me, every… continue reading »

Fun fair

There is something extremely sad about these “fun places”… I must photographically explore this sadness at some point.


No doubt Carnival is a very social event. The more interactive the outfit the more people you have the chance to joke with. An NBA player with the basket on top on his head sounds kind of interactive. Important to… continue reading »


Photography and doubt by Joerg Colberg “On the level of photographs, trust means to trust one’s instincts, to realize that the images convey what they are intended to convey and that some gaps serve the work. Doubt means to question… continue reading »

Magic Kings are here

Despite many families having adopted the Santa Claus tradition, Spanish kids still expect with great passion the arrival of the Magic Kings every January 5th. Tonight is the night so… all kids to bed early!


Portrait: ‘Description of the figure or character, that is, physical or moral qualities of a person.’ I guess you could say that a blog is self portrait. At least that’s what it feels to me after many years of writing… continue reading »