Easter time

Easter in Spain is a very visual time of the year. For that reason, many of us who like to go out in the hunt for photos, usually have really high expectations on capturing “the photo”. As for me, every year I struggle to find a way of expressing through my images how I feel about this religious event.

This year, easter caught me right in the middle of my street photography research process. And this is what happened:

2 responses to Easter time

  1. Raluca said:

    hi Rosa
    this is great – makes me wish we could come along, or perhaps we could try the experience of…1999 in June, Corpus Christi? (alas can’t do it this year, but next year maybe)

  2. RosaVerde said:

    Thanks Raluca. That would be great! Anytime. After so many years I would really like to meet you and your family!

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