The almost impossibles

There are things in life that one sees so far away that hardly ever believes they could happen. For me, only four years ago, the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography by the London College of Communication felt like that: an almost impossible.

In time, it turned out not only not to be impossible but, in fact, quite easy. Don’t misunderstand that easy though… it was really hard work, at times exhausting, but so exciting and challenging that life went easy, fast, interesting… it flowed, I flowed!

Now, seven months after I graduated, and missing the harsh deadlines that work to challenge me, I am feeling a bit lost and desperate about not quite finding the right road, but also, surprisingly, recognising the feeling of new almost impossible dreams slowly building up in my head.


I guess it’s time to start working hard towards those impossibles until, one day, they become a… here it is, nicely done!

While on my way there, I’ve realised that, for some reason, I have not been allowing myself to take pictures of my daily life (Why? Because that’s not part of a larger, interesting, photography project), nor letting myself write about whatever calls my attention, just as I used to (Why?, because that’s not part of a larger, interesting, photography project). But why if the self imposed conditions are only strangling my desire to create?

Well, how about not restricting myself from anything for a change? After all, whatever I feel, whatever I read, whatever I write, whatever I photograph… are the building blocks of who I am and, thinking about it, that ought to be the only and most important project in life: living as close as possible to who you are and, if possible, always confronting your own ’almost impossibles’.


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  1. Luz said:

    This also is a lesson of a new life

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